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Kevin Case, USD No. 448, Inman

Subtle, seemingly insignificant barriers begin to stack up as it relates to technology integration and 1-1 initiatives. On the surface they appear to be minute, unrelated barriers that all of a sudden create detours that begin to pull you away from your vision. Once common barriers have been identified, attention will be directed toward identifying specific individual and group barriers with a focus on creating solutions and developing “What’s Next” strategies.

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I can't wait to spend time with participants on this topic. Please be thinking about barriers that keep you from reaching your fullest potential with technology. This is a great session for either individuals, grade level partners, building level teams, and or district level teams. This will be an interactive, solution oriented session with the main focus being "Solving problems that will allow you to take the next step!" Plan to participate and have a plan for moving forward.

Below is a very simple template that I sometimes use to help schools begin to take next steps, identify barriers, and create accountability.