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Kelly Turcotte & Cameron Traxson, 5th Grade Team Extraordinaire Inman Elementary School Inman, KS

Email: kturcotte@usd448.com ctraxson@usd448.com
Website: www.usd448.com
Twitter: @MrsTurcotte5, @KSUfanCam, @InmanSchools
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/USD448

Imagine a classroom without missing work, lost papers, and no "my dog ate my homework" excuses. We can make this a reality! Participants will use Showbie on laptops and iPads to create a class for students to access assignments and create projects paperlessly. We will show how teachers and students become more organized and efficient without bags and binders full of papers. This will allow you to keep parents and absent students up to date on assignments. Watch your work completion rates skyrocket! Finally, students feel a sense of ownership in their work. Along with this we will share compatible apps which allow you to import to and export from Showbie, making this a student portfolio, and giving parents access to the work created digitally. Featured apps: Showbie (free) and Notability ($2.99) will also share work in BookCreator, Strip Designer, & Pages.

Notability / Showbie

external image d6a1c-notability.png?w=215&h=215 external image 256
You should have these two apps downloaded prior to our session.


Note: Please do not sign up for your Showbie account prior to this session. If you have already signed up for Showbie, no problem we just want to give you a chance to experience the students' side of the app.

Since this is a three hour session you need to bring workbooks, copies of worksheets, or assignments on your computer or paper form that you give your students so you can upload them and start your paperless classroom on Thursday.

Compatible Apps not required but used to show projects we import to Showbie:
Book creator
Pages (free for iPads purchased after Sept 1, 2013)
A+ Spelling
Number Pieces lite
A whiteboard app such as Educreations or Showme
Strip Designer