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Kevin Case, USD No. 448 Inman

A number of educators are turning to twitter as a way to grow their Professional Learning Network, unfortunately an even larger number have not had the exposure to the unlimited possibilities that twitter has to offer them. Gain an understanding of what twitter is all about, begin developing personal connections, create lists, develop a strategy to manage all of your “wisdon”, (hootsuite) and find and follow your favorite hashtags. (90 Minutes +/-)

Twisdom-knowledge, information and wisdom gained as one becomes more and more proficient with the use of Twitter.

Contact Information:
e-Mail: Kevin Case
Twitter: @InmanSuperC and @InmanSchools
Facebook: @Inman Schools
YouTubeChannel: Inman Schools YouTube Channel

I can't wait to start having some dialogue with the group about Twitter and how it can help you connect with others, find resources, and communicate with staff, parents and students. We will be using the hashtag #KSUiCamp for the conference. My twitter name is @InmanSuperC. Those of you who dabble in twitter already, go ahead and share some thoughts about the conference. . . . on twitter.
It would be helpful if you:
1. Have a twitter account set up prior to the session. You can follow along by using twitter.com/search, but will miss out on a few things;
2. If you set up a twitter account, think about the implications of your twitter name, write a good description of who you are, and take a good photo for your profile photo. . . BE PURPOSEFUL!
3. Download the following apps:
a. Twitter
b. Hootsuite (is the one I use) and then you will need to sign-up for an account. Typically I do that via my computer and web browser, then use those log in credentials for my iPad log in; Hootsuite allows you to be "multi-dimensional" when using twitter. I use the term aggregator--that may or may not be the right term. You may have heard of tweetdeck, tweet caster, . . . if you use one of these apps and like it, that is fine too, who knows you might get to help instruct others on how to use them.

If you are on twitter now, make sure you follow me-- @InmanSuperC and feel free to see how we are using twitter @InmanSchools.
Here is a link to the known twitter chats that are held weekly. I did not compile this list, but what I did do is I have highlighted the more common ones that teachers might follow. #satchat was awesome this week--on digital leadership. My top tweets or highlights from that chat can be found at Digital Leadership #satchat January 11, 2014

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